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4 stars by Gigi H.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 2 of the Valley Food Truck Fest and I am making my rounds to check out each truck menu and figure out which 5 trucks will get my limited bites today... and then BAM! What do I see? Is it possible? A truck I am not following? How can this be? First of all, the truck is Jose O'Malley's and in front it says "We're food experts - we've been eating all our lives!" which cracks me up. So, I get my pork taco, and I am still wondering how it is going to taste with a name like Jose O'Malley... Irish / Mexican Taco???

I take my bite and it was quite good! I know, you can get a taco just about anywhere. There are taco places on every corner. But hey, it was good. I liked it. It was not anything super fancy but the meat and toppings all together were really delicious. I truly enjoyed the taco and will go back to them again because there were several menu items I would really like to try. So, good food. Good people. I will be on the look-out for them in the future. Meanwhile, two thumbs up!!

5 stars by Shannon C.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I have recently declared myself OVER the food truck hype. Long lines, waiting forever for food to be prepared, hit or miss food, etc. BUT I saw the Jose O'Malley's truck at the Dia de los Muertos event at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and had to have it. An adorable kid was standing in a booth proclaiming that they have the best desserts, and offering customers suggestions when they were choosing between items. ADORABLE.

I got in line to buy some tacos. I know it's not an authentic taco truck (just look at the logo with the redhead eating a taco... too cute), but for a Mexican food-loving, Irish girl like myself, I couldn't resist. I quickly got to the front of the line, and guess who's taking orders! MARIPAT DONOVAN! Catholic school girls should know the name, as she famously does (and has done for many years) my favorite show solo comedy show, Late Night Catechism (and contributes heavily to charities). SO COOL!

Meeting her was just an added bonus on top of the fresh, affordable food being served up on the truck. We even tried their brownie on a stick, which was FANTASTIC and really good looking (good for gifts, possibly). Three of us were fighting over the last bite of one.

I read that the truck does karaoke, comedy and other entertainment things, which I didn't get to experience, but sounds interesting.

Definitely a truck to try!

5 stars by Kathryn G.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Delicious!!!!!!!! Just the best food truck going right now. So much fun and so much good food to choose from. Get the hot dog, the burger or the shepherd's pie. And don't forget the brownie on a stick. Love love love it!