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5 stars by Anthony S.

Sunday, October 9, 2011
this is based on ordering 2 orders of the king nachos and 2 orders of the chicken burritos ......(yes i was really hungry at tour de fat 10/8/11)
the nachos were off the hook with loaded sour cream chicken nacho cheese and plenty of nachos to eat everything up....the chicken burrito is your normal but well loaded burrito i havent tried anything else but i say whatever you may order its gonna come loaded, and thats what i look for from food trucks....more food for your buck!

5 stars by Gabriela C.

Saturday, October 8, 2011
I went clubbing this friday to Avalon nightclub and after getting tired of dancing I felt hungry so I went out of the club to search for food and saw this sparkling colorful truck "Jose O'Malleys " I stop by and checked the menu which I found really interesting because it has American and Mexican :-) It was hard to decided what to get everything seems delicious I decided to ordered a beef quesadilla and O M G the best !! Love it . My friend got the famous mash potatoes with chili she was satisfied with the mash and chili it was DELICOUS!! We both love it.

Stacy Langel loves us!

Monday, August 29, 2011
Your food truck is currently parked outside our office building! It's around 1pm and I'm craving something snacky, so I jumped online and checked out your menu. Right away, I had to try the Chocolate Brownie- so we ordered 2 (me and another girl). Additionally, we ended up ordering the Cheesecake! A little pricy, for the serving size. I almost laughed when I saw my cheesecake served in a little chinese take-out box, but it's perfect. The cheesecake was by far, one of the best cheesecakes I've had! Absolutely loved the crumbly and cherry toppings. It's not too rich, so it's easy to enjoy a good mouthful. LOVE IT. Now the chocolate brownie is on a whole other level. You literally get a brownie that's been DUNKED in chocolate. And it's not just a paper-thin coat of chocolate.. it's an entire layer of chocolate that coats the entire brownie! ON A STICK! It's a good thing you guys hand out business cards w/your orders- because I will definitely be around to try more items from your truck! Wishing you the best- Keep up the good grubbin'!

4 stars by Jane E

Sunday, July 24, 2011

While checking out some food trucks in my area one particular day I came across this brightly colored truck. I check out their website and right away I see brownie on a stick... I thought to myself I gotta have one of those.

I go down t the truck and look at their neon written menu and order a Death by Chocolate brownie on a stick, and so I don't eat dessert for dinner I order the famous mashed potatoes with some carne asada on top. I get the mashed potatoes in a chinese takeout box which I found amusing. It felt like it needed a little salsa on top but overall it was pretty good.

What made me a fan of this truck was the Death by Chocolate. The nice people offer me a bag so I don't get chocolately goodness all over my fingers while holding it before I even eat the thing. There's a decent thick layer of chocolate over this brownie that has walnuts inside all on a popsicle stick. It was delicious. You must try it. Your sweet tooth will thank you.